Resource Library

Get Started

Learn about the assessments, practices, and know-how that supported ARC’s beginning. These resources offer ARC 101 for communities or anchors that want to begin this work in their region.

Learn More

Explore ARC’s evaluation process, findings, and analysis, and access research from our partnering organizations. Learn the newest ideas on leveraging anchor institutions to build inclusive and sustainable local economies.

ARC Background

Materials about how ARC came to be: foundational learning and reports, webinars, and lessons learned.

ARC Governance

Materials that cover how ARC governs itself. In the near term, we will be adding templates and guides for those interested in replicating ARC in their own community. 

Regional Food System

Materials and resources specific to our first ARC project--shifting to a regional, sustainable, and equitable food system. It includes realizing the elements core to our mission, frames we use for evaluation and assessment, and more.


From Our Partners & Around the World

At the center of ARC is equity, partnership, and collaboration. These are resources from our partners who are regularly engaged at our ARC table to advance our mission, and those of our partners who have been foundational and inspirational for us.