Our Community

Through ARC, community leaders and anchor institutions take concrete action to build a future where everyone has what they need, everyone is cared for, and together, we are strong enough to withstand the challenges climate change brings. We represent the broad range of people who make up our community.

Anchors that apply their economic power in partnership with their community are investing in the longevity of their institutions and the well-being of the people they serve. We bring together anchor institutions and other community leaders across our region to work toward a shared vision of community health, wealth, and climate resilience.

Our Committees, Working Groups, and Partners

Our ARC community includes organizations and individuals on our governing bodies, working groups, and partners regionally and nationally that have contributed to and are aligned with our work and mission, as well as our funders. Thank you for being part of our community and making this vision of universal equitable health, wealth, and climate resilience a reality. 

Steering Committee

Our governing body guides the visionary, strategic, and tactical frameworks for ARC, including ARC’s development and evolution.

Alameda County DSAL/Dig Deep Farms
Common Spirit
East Oakland Building Healthy Communities
Healthy Richmond
Kaiser Permanente
Project Equity
Roots Community Health Center
Self-Help Credit Union
UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital
UCSF Center for Community Engagement
Alameda County
Contra Costa County
Santa Clara County

Community Partners and Advisors

Partners, including individuals from the following organizations, have worked with us in work groups and as advisors in technical and supportive capacities over the years. Some of our Steering Committee members also participate in our working groups. 

Acta non Verba
Alameda County Workforce Development Board
Allen Temple Baptist Church
Bay Cities Produce
The City of Oakland
Common Spirit Health Care
Community Vision
The Democracy Collective
Dig Deep Farms/Alameda County
East Bay Community Foundation
Kaiser Permanente
Kitchen Table Advisors
Mandela Partners
Planting Justice
Project Open Hand
Roots Community Health Center - Roots Clinic
Rubicon Programs
UC Berkeley Cooperative Extension
UCSF Center for Community Engagement
UCSF Social Interventions  Research and Evaluation Network