Our Community

Through Anchors in Resilient Communities, community leaders and anchor institutions take concrete action to build a future where everyone has what they need, everyone is cared for, and together, we are strong enough to withstand the challenges climate change brings. We represent the broad range of people who make up our community.

Anchors that apply their economic power in partnership with their community are investing in the longevity of their institutions and the well-being of the people they serve. We bring together anchor institutions and other community leaders across our region to work toward a shared vision of community health, wealth, and climate resilience.

ARC Governance

ARC’s decision-making and core activities are implemented through a structure and governance that includes a steering committee, an executive committee, and project-specific work groups. ARC staff convenes these groups to ensure equity is embodied in all aspects of our work.

Co-Creating with Community

Community voice is woven into every aspect of ARC. Every person has ideas for and adds value in how to move their community forward. This is why community participation is a critical ingredient to ARC’s success and why we prioritize collaborative decision-making. Centering community is at the foundation of the partnerships we form, the co-learning opportunities we create, the projects we mobilize, and the models we scale. This ensures accountability and transparency within our community. 

Facilitate partnerships

ARC brings anchor institutions and other community leaders across our region together to work rigorously toward a shared vision of community health, wealth, and climate resilience. We provide governance models for sustainable partnerships and nurture a network of organizations, businesses, and agencies to support anchor-community partnerships. We also promote cross-sector collaboration and identify needed funding and financing.

Create co-learning opportunities

Even as leaders and institutions come together around a shared vision, individuals can only fully understand the view from where they sit. ARC helps anchor institutions, community leaders, and other stakeholders across sectors and perspectives to understand each other’s opportunities and challenges in order to find a way forward for everyone. We host learning sessions on topics related to health, wealth, and climate resilience, and we help anchors and communities understand each other’s opportunities and challenges. We also promote an alternative definition of market success, which aligns equity, sustainability, and profit.

Mobilize projects

We provide pre-development support for projects to leverage hiring, purchasing, and investment for health, wealth, and resilience. We implement permanent solutions that will create the infrastructure and supply chain that we need for the future our communities deserve. We prioritize and select projects based on the assets and capacities of both anchor and community partners. The decisions and work plans we implement are made collaboratively within project-specific work groups.

Scale the model

Anchors in Resilient Communities measures and documents our progress in order to replicate and scale what is working. To generate useful evidence for our model, we document and evaluate regional projects, then share best practices of our work with our partners and community. This promotes commitment and a long-term vision for anchor-community partnerships for the health, wealth, and resilience of all.

Our Committees, Working Groups, and Partners

Our ARC community includes organizations and individuals on our governing bodies, working groups, and partners regionally and nationally that have contributed to and are aligned with our work and mission, as well as our funders. Thank you for being part of our community and making this vision of universal equitable health, wealthy, and climate resilience a closer reality. 

Steering Committee

Our governing body guides the visionary, strategic, and tactical frameworks for ARC, including ARC’s development and evolution.

Alexandra Desautels (The California Endowment), Alison Lingane (Project Equity), Baylee DeCastro (UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital), Bonnie Midura (The California Endowment), Jamaica Sowell (Roots Community Health Center - Roots Clinic), Jean Nudelman (Kaiser Permanente), Jeremy Hofer (Self-Help Credit Union), Justin Watkins (San Mateo County Health), Larissa Estes (ALL IN Alameda County), Leslie Mikkelsen (Health Care and Public Health Specialist - East Bay), Lily Steponaitis (Self-Help Credit Union), Marisa Raya (City of Oakland), Nehanda Imara (East Oakland Building Healthy Communities), Roxanne Carrillo Garza (Healthy Richmond), Wylie Liu (UCSF Center for Community Engagement)

Community Partners and Advisors

Partners, including individuals from the following organizations, that have worked with us in work groups and as advisors in technical and supportive capacities over the years. Some of our Steering Committee members also participate in our working groups. 

Acta non Verba | Alameda County Workforce Development Board | Allen Temple Baptist Church | Bay Cities Produce | The City of Oakland | Common Spirit Health Care | Community Vision | The Democracy Collaborative | Dig Deep Farms / Alameda County | East Bay Community Foundation | Food Service Partners | Kaiser Permanente | Kitchen Table Advisors | Mandela Partners | Planting Justice | Roots Community Health Center - Roots Clinic | Rubicon Programs | UC Berkeley Cooperative Extension | UCSF Center for Community Engagement | UCSF Social Interventions Research and Evaluation Network 


The California Endowment | Kaiser Permanente | Kresge Foundation | Robert Wood Johnson Foundation | Scorpio Rising