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Our communities are ready to imagine a brighter future. A future where anchor institutions – health care, educational, and public institutions with long-term investments in a local economy – source solutions from their communities. Solutions that build communities resilient to global crisis and climate change. Solutions that restore shared prosperity and well-being to all.

Anchors in Resilient Communities (ARC) are community-based partnerships that leverage the purchasing and investment power of anchor institutions to bolster the communities they serve. Want to see how ARC supports the health, wealth, and climate resilience of low-income communities? Learn about future sites and our work in the East Bay of California.

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Together, we are more powerful than we imagine. When we roll up our sleeves and put our heads and hands together, we can co-create the community we all deserve.
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How We Work

ARC Meeting in Richmond

Anchor Transformation

The strength of Anchors in Resilient Communities lies in partnership. We are skilled practitioners that help anchor institutions improve their surrounding communities, particularly those facing the most significant inequities.

Our Work

Regional Projects

We identify, vet, and support transformative projects that build upon the unique assets and needs of a region.


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Systems Change

The consistent, transparent relationships we foster between anchors and community shift procurement and investment processes over time. Ultimately, this trust and relationship building develops resilience and long-term health in our communities.

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